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Google Search Ads

Learn how to run successful & profitable paid search ads on Google & Bing for any business!
"I just finished your Google Adwords Course and I loved it"
"I really enjoyed the course from Clickscope its easy to follow and very informative"
"It's going great so far! Finished the first couple of modules and really enjoyed it, I really found competition ads to be really interesting"

What you are going to learn

How to grow businesses with paid search ads!

This course attempts to fill the knowledge gaps that marketers and business owners have in running Google Search Ads (and also bing ads later on in the course) You will develop a strong understanding of how search ads work, how they benefit businesses and how to get good results through planning, optimisation and more!
Throughout this course you will discover and learn:

  • What are paid search ads and the fundamentals 
  • How paid search ads work and how Google operates
  • How to set up or gain access to a Google Ads account
  • How to navigate the dashboard and look at metrics
  • Getting started with a campaign
  • How to conduct and analyse Keyword Research
  • How to set up goals, track and conversions
  • Learn about basic attribution models
  • Learn about keyword match types, bidding and how to structure your account.
  • How to build campaigns from the start with detailed ad groups, ads and extensions.
  • How to optimise the account before launching campaigns
  • How to optimise your campaigns moving forward.
  • + more advanced lessons
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